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Questions & Answers

What is consignment?


When you consign a comic book with Bayview Comics, we sell your comics through our web site. You don't pay anything! Once a consigned item has sold, we charge a percentage based on the sale price. We pay you the amount of the sale minus our percentage. When you consign a comic with Bayview Comics, you choose how you want to sell it either as a fixed price listing where you set the asking price, or in our auction.




The only fee we charge is a commission when your comic sells, as detailed below. There are no hidden costs or fees. The percentage is the same for sales made fixed price listing and auction formats.


Consignment Fee


•10% commission on sales less than $299, with a minimum of $5.00 per item sold.

•8% commission on sales of $399 up to $9999.99.

•6% commission on sales of $10000 or more.

•Comic lots only: The minimum commission on lots. Groups of comics auctioned together as a single item) is $8 for up to 10 items, plus $1 per item for any additional items beyond 10. Otherwise, standard consignment rates apply.

•We also offer a full service consignment option for sellers with significant quantities of consignable material who prefer to ship us their entire collection and let us determine what is and is not consignable. We will list as much of the collection as possible as individual listings to maximize your return; any remaining books not worth enough to be consigned individually but that can be grouped into multi-item lots will be sold as multi-item lots; and any remaining low value items will be sold directly to Bayview Comics. We handle all pricing and auction decisions according to your priorities. The commission for this full service consignment option is 20% of the sales.



What comics are currently consigned with Bayview Comics?


•Recently Added Consignment Items


What can be consigned?

•Any comic book with an estimated retail value of about $20 or more is eligible for consignment.


•Comic book original art is eligible for consignment.


How do I start consigning comics?

If you have not consigned with us before, we suggest that you first contact our consignment director so that he can answer any questions you may have:


Scott Kreisler

Consignment Director

 Phone 954-696-3282 available 9:00AM-5:00PM EST, Monday-Sunday


If we grade a comic a lower than the grade you assigned when submitting it, it's usually not an issue. However, if you've listed a comic at close to the lowest grade eligible for consignment, and we graded the comic lower, we will not be able to accept the comic or items for consignment if the expected retail value at the grade that Bayview Comics assigned is under $20. In this case, we will make you an offer for those comics that were not eligible for consignment, and you will have the option either of selling them to us or having them returned to you. If you choose to have them returned to you, the return cost is calculated as follows: $5.00 base charge plus $0.75 per item for grading, shipping and handling. If you would like insurance on the return shipment, we can provide it for $1 per $100 in insured value.


When and how do I get paid?